Jual Automatic Level Topcon AT-B2 / AT-B3 /AT-B4A

Jual Automatic Level Topcon AT-B Series
B2AT-B3AAT-B4ATelescopeLength215mm (8.46in.)214mm (8.42in.)Magnification32X28X24XObjective Aperture42mm (1.65 in.)36mm (1.42 in.)32mm (1.26 in.)Resolving Power3″3.5”4”Field of View(at 100m/328ft.)1°20′ (2.3m / 7.5ft.)1°25’ (2.5m / 8.2ft.)Minimum Focus0.2m (7.9 in.) from end of telescope0.3m (1ft.) from instrument centerImageErectStadia Constant0Stadia Ratio100Focusing Knob2-speed1-speedSighting AidPeep SightGun SightAccuracy (1km double run leveling)Without Micrometer0.7mm (0.03 in.)1.5mm (0.06 in.)2.0mm (0.08 in.)With Micrometer0.5mm (0.02 in.)n/aCompensatorTypePendulum compensator with magnetic damping systemSetting Accuracy0.3”0.5″Working Range±15’Circular LevelSensitivity10′ / 2mmHorizontal CircleDiameter103mm (4.1in.)99mm (3.9in.)Minimum Division1°/ 1gonGeneralWater ResistanceIPX6 (IEC 60529:2001)Operating Temperature-20 to +50ºC (-4 to +122°F)SizeWidth130mm (5.12in.)122mm (4.8in.)Length215mm (8.46in.)214mm

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