Jual Total Station SOUTH NTS-332R4 Harga Murah Hub.08118477200


Reflectorless 400m
Single Prism 5000m
Accuracy: Non Prism 3+2ppm
Accuracy: Prism 2+2ppm
Sheet 3+2ppm
Measurement Time 1.2s In Fine
0.2s In Tracking
Atmospheric Correction Manual Input, Auto Correction
Prism Constant Manual Input, Auto Correction
Temperature Correction Sensor Reading
Distance Reading Max: .999m Min: 1mm
Accuracy 2″
Method Absolute, Continuous
Disk Diameter 79mm
Detection Method V: Dual, H: Dual
Angle Reading Min: 1″
Image Erect
Tube Length 152mm
Effective Aperture 45mm (EDM 47mm)
Magnification 30x
Field Of View 130″
Resolving Power 3″
Minimum Focus Distance 1.5m
Reticle Illumination 10 Brightness Levels
Keyboard Alphanumeric 30 Keys
Display 3.0 Inches, Color Touch TFT
Resolution 240400 dpi
Position Face 1, Face 2
Memory 16000 Points
Dimension 206200353mm
Weight 6.0kg

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