Jual Crosslane Laser aline CL-5DG Harga Murah

Designed and manufactured from the best laser level and the most innovative levelling technology available on the market, the CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser can be used for interior layout tasks that require a laser level. The CL-5DG Self – Levelling Laser can be purchased from any of our national stockists in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser

A strong and durable casing protects our CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser.

Each of our lasers for sale offers tradespeople and interior designers superior accuracy and reliability in layout measurements.


Features of the CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser

The CL-5DG  Crossline Laser is a self-levelling and precise measuring laser that projects clearly defined bright green lines. It emits two 180° horizontal/vertical lines, plus five perpendicular dots over the interior fit-out area. The CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser comes with a

CL-5DG laser, magnetic wall mount bracket, green target and a carry case.

Some of the many advanced features of the CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser include:

  • Quick self-levelling with ‘out of level’ alarm
  • Indoor and outdoor switch
  • 1/4in tripod screw connection point
  • Central compensator safety lock switch
  • Working Range 30m*
  • Accuracy – Line ±3mm @ 10m


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