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Total Station Nikon Npl-322+2p


Jual Total Station Nikon Npl-322+2p Dan Npl-322+5p Harga Kompetitif Untuk Info Dan Pemesanan Silahkan Click Tombol Whatshapp Di Bawah

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Nikon introduces the NPL-322 Total Station, an economic, versatile, and easy-to-use total station that ensures you get the job done right.
The NPL-322 is available in a 2″ dual face model and a 5″ single face model to meet your specific accuracy needs. Both NPL-322 total station models feature a reflectorless EDM with up to 400 meter (787 feet) range. Using the same rechargeable long life Li-ion battery as the Nivo series, combined with low power consumption design, the NPL-322 provides over 11 hours of operating time per battery. For convenience, the Nikon NPL-322 total stations include two batteries and a dual charger, to support even the longest of working days.
Nikon’s legendary optics effectively allow in more light to give you brighter, clearer images. You’ll see the difference when you look through a Nikon Total Station even in the low-visibility conditions typical in the field. You’ll see much more detail and much less distortion, especially over longer distances. Better optics help you aim more precisely, and they’re much easier on your eyes – something you’ll really appreciate on long workdays.
The Nikon NPL-322 is built tough for all occasions.
Angle accuracy: 2″ (0.5mgon)
EDM type: Reflectorless technology
Distance accuracy: 2 mm + 2 ppm
Distance range: Up to 3,000m (9,840 ft) to single prism
Reflectorless range: Up to 200 m (656 ft) (KGC 90%)
Compensator: Single axis
Plummet: Optical
Telescope: 30x
Laser Pointer: Coaxial red laser
Environmental: IP54 dust and water protection
Graphic LCD display, dual face
Full numeric keyboard, dual face
Internal memory of 10,000 records
Powerful onboard Nikon software


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