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Sokkia iM-100 Series Reflectorless Total Station adalah alat pengukur cerdas yang mudah digunakan dan dikemas dengan fitur-fitur canggih. Sempurna untuk tata letak dan survei lokasi tingkat pemula, Total station ini memiliki rentang reflektorless dari 2.624 kaki dan hingga 19.685 kaki menggunakan prisma tunggal pada 2,0 mm + 2 ppm akurasi. Ini juga terintegrasi dengan Bluetooth Class 1.5, port serial RS-232C, dan USB 2.0 untuk menghubungkan dan mentransfer data secara instan ke pengontrol data

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Spesificatin Sokkia IM-100 Series
The iM-100 (Intelligent Measurement Total Station) incorporates all the features you need at a cost-efficient price. It will handle your most demanding survey layout or as-built project needs.

You get fast, accurate, and powerful EDM technology, best-in-class accuracy up to 5,000 m with a prism and up to 1000 m in reflectorless mode, and a battery life of up to 28 hours. The iM-100 is ready to be your hardest worker out in the field.


  • SOKKIA iM 100 achieves Prism level distance accuracy on non-Prism & Sheet mode
  • Fast, accurate and powerful EDM measures with accuracy 1.5mm Prism mode & 2mm Non Prism, Sheet mode
  • Dual axis compensation
  • Internal memory 50000 points & support USB memory upto 32GB
  • Waterproof IP66 rating ( Operating Temp -20 to 60 degrees )
  • Up to 28 hours of battery life
  • World’s First Advanced Security & TS Shield Theft protect instrument tracking system


Other Details:

  • RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM
  • Higher accuracy 2mm on relflectorless mode with Long range upto 1000 mtrs
  • Fast distance measurement of 0.9s regardless of object.
  • SOKKIA traditional pinpoint precision in reflectorless distance measurement.
  • Reflectorless operation from 30cm to 1000m.
  • Coaxial EDM beam and laser-pointer provide fast and accurate aiming.
  • Ensures Prism level accuracy even with reflective sheets.
  • Double sided backlit keyboard & Guide lights
  • iM features SOKKIA’s original absolute encoders that provide long-term reliability in any job site condition.

Dual-axis compensator ensures stable measurements even when setup on uneven terrain.

  • Sokkia’s traditional motion clamp and tangent screw are employed to ensure stable angle measurement.
  • IM101 and IM102 feature groundbreaking IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) technology for extremely reliable angle measurement.


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