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Total Station Topcon GM 52


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Advanced Design for Faster Workflows
The GM-50 Series is the perfect entry-level site layout and survey tool offering reliability and flexibility without sacrificing cost or functionality.

The sleek design is built tough, with a water and dustproof IP66 rating, integrated Bluetooth® capability and an internal antenna, enabling you to deliver measurements cable-free to your data controller, streamlining your equipment weight and workflow.

The GM-50 is also armed with a top line EDM, generous internal memory storage, and SDRbasic on-board software so you have everything you need to get the job done out in the field.

Integrated Construction and Survey Application Software
Fast, accurate, and powerful EDM
Reflectorless up to 500m
Prism range up to 4,000 m
Advanced angle accuracy (2″ or 5″)


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